Cauliflower Purée

Cuisinart original
This simple purée, with only three ingredients, is smooth and silky thanks to the food processor.


2 Cups


1small head cauliflower, about 1½ pounds, cut into florets 3tablespoons unsalted butter ½ to ¾ teaspoons kosher salt

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per ½ cup serving: Calories 118 (62% from fat) · carb. 8g · pro. 3g · fat 9g · sat. fat 6g · chol. 23mg. · sod. 346mg · calc. 37mg · fiber 3g


1.Steam the cauliflower florets until tender, about 25 minutes. 2.Once tender, put the cauliflower into the work bowl of the food processor fitted with the metal chopping blade. 3.Pulse to break up, about 5 to 6 pulses. 4.Process on High until smooth, about 30 to 45 seconds. 5.Once smooth, add the butter and ½ teaspoon salt. Continue to run on High until smooth and silky. 6.Taste and adjust salt according to preference. Note: Be sure to steam the cauliflower rather than boil – any excess water will compromise the silky texture.