Carrot & Sweet Potato Casserole


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2 lbs of carrots 3 or 4 Sweet potatoes 1 lb of short ribs or Flanken ½ cup of honey ½ cup of sweetener or sugar

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Peel carrots and grate peel sweet potatoes and quarter place in large pot and fill with water to cover ingredients. place meat,honey and sugar on top. Heat to boil until almost all of the water is boiled out. Place all in an oblong pan 11x13. bake in the oven uncovered for 1 hour. 350 oven Serve as a side dish to chicken, turkey or roast beef. the meat can be eaten. You can add one or all of the list to the above ingredients 1 or 2 parsnip sliced 1 med size turnip sliced this is for a large family . It can be made with half of the items for 4or 5 people.