B.L.T. Macaroni Salad

Great picnic, family reunion salad. Travels well, keep chilled. You can substitute real bacon bits if you like. But I like to add two pounds of fresh cooked crisp chopped bacon. Enjoy!




1-box of elbow macaroni 1- lb. of bacon 2-containers of cherry tomatoes 1- bunch green leaf lettuce 1-bunch green onions Dressing- reserved bacon grease 1-cup mayo ½ cup sugar ⅓ cup vinegar (or more to taste)

Nutritional information

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Cook macaroni, rinse, cool and set aside. Cook bacon until crisp and chop. (reserve grease for dressing). Cut tomatoes in half or fourths depending on the size. Chop green onions. Mix all above ingredients into a large bowl. In a separate bowl combine grease, mayo, salt and vinegar to make dressing. Combine the two together. Place macaroni salad in serving bowl Shred leaf lettuce and garnish around the top of the salad bowl with it. Chill and enjoy.