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Gina's omg dip

Tastes of several cultures combine for this multi use dip/ sauce."


3 cloves roasted garlic, small cloves
1 sm. minced roasted shallot
1 roasted jalapeno
4 avocados- med
1 5 oz container mascarpone
pinch kosher salt
pinch fresh ground pepper
1t. gina’s omg mix (equal parts ground: ginger, cloves, cardamom, all spice, nutmeg. I grind fresh when I can find it)
1T lemon juice
1T lime juice


Wrap shallot, jalapeno and garlic in foil, bake at 275 for one hour. Peel, core and chop avocado, must be soft ones haas are best breed. Sprinkle lemon and lime juice on avocadoes. Add mascarpone, seasonings, mix. Cover and put in fridge. When roasted veggies are done, let cool enough to handle. Remove skins, seeds and chop small as possible. Combine with chilled mixture. I use food processor often so when in hurry all items may be placed in Cuisinart and whipped. I add heavy cream when using this for omelet topping or on a crust then sprinkle cheese on top broil till browned.

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