Salsa Bene

Chipolte Salsa




3large 28 oz cans diced tomatoes in tomato juice 16 oz. small can tomato paste 24.5 oz jarred diced roasted garlic 2cans Herdez in Adobo sauce – 7 oz. chipotle peppers 4chopped and seeded Jalapenos 2large minced onions ¼cup Chinese Rice Vinegar ¼cup lemon juice ¼cup olive oil 1tablespoon liquid smoke ⅛ cup balsamic vinegar ¼cup honey 1teaspoon Cayenne pepper 2tablespoons of sea salt 1tablespoons white pepper 6bunches fresh chopped cilantro 112 oz. package of carrots – finely chopped in food processor 316 oz jars Roasted red peppers

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Note: carrots, onions etc chopped in food processor Cook for 30 minutes for base recipe Variation 1: Take ¼ of recipe and add pineapple, mangos etc (24 oz – 2 ea. chopped in food processor) for variations on the recipe Variation 2: Add: any combination or single item as follows White corn – 2 ea. 16 oz frozen Black beans canned – 3 ea. 15 oz. Black-eyed peas – 2 ea. 16 oz frozen This recipe makes one case (12) of pint jars