Orange Cranberry Relish

This dish requires absolutely no cooking and can be prepared 2 days ahead. It can be stored in the fridge for a week (if there's any left!)




1 lb fresh cranberries 2 oranges, seeded, quartered, leave the skin on one 2 apples quartered, cored with skin ½ cup sugar 1 large package red jell-o 2 cups boiled water ½ cup broken walnuts

Nutritional information

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Put cranberries, apples and oranges through pulse of food processor - leave pieces course. Do each separately. Remove any large pieces of orange rind and discard. Mix them all together. Add sugar and set aside until it becomes syrupy. Stir the Jell-o into boiled water and set aside to cool. Add it to the fruit and stir in the walnuts. Pour into a mold or bowl and refrigerate. Serve once it is set.