More Than A Dressing

This is a wonderful dressing with so many uses, I keep discovering them. Use low fat yogurt and mayo and you have a slimmers version, add grated cheese for a rich dip, leave out the mayo and sour cream for a lighter oil dressing, add capers and serve it with fish, fold in chopped hard boiled egg, raw tomato and red onion for a good pasta salad. Use your imagination. I find it never goes off in the fridge! HINT: It needs the high speed mixing of the food processor to amalgamate the ingredients properly. Good eating! I am famous for this dressing! People think its a magic and complicated recipe but its not!


a lot of servings, depends on how heavy handed you are


#1 1 clove garlic 1 dessert spoon sugar or honey ½ to 1 cup fresh basil, parsley or other green herbs #2 ½ cup wine vinegar ½ cup virgin olive oil ½ cup mayonnaise 1 cup natural Greek yogurt or sour cream #3 ½ cup toasted pine nuts (optional)

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1. Place all no 1 ingredients into food processor and process until well ground. 2. Add all other ingredients and process until creamy. Adjust flavors if needed. Fold in pine nuts if used. Chill. Use with hot or cold food and even as a spread instead of butter or a dip. This sets into a soft cream.