Mango Salsa

When we were in Florida earlier this summer, I made tilapia tacos and topped them with a mango salsa I made from fresh ingredients I had on hand. It was fantastic because the combination of the variety of vegetables added a nice complexity to the mango.




•2 mangos •½ cucumber •½ bell pepper •Small red onion •⅓ of a bunch of cilantro •6 cherry tomatoes •1 jalapeno pepper •1 lime •Salt to taste

Nutritional information

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The easiest way to make salsa is in a food processor; however, with mango salsa, the goal is not to puree the ingredients. You want it to look more like a chopped salad than a sauce. To do that, you chop the soft ingredients separately. 1.Cut mango fruit from around big seed, peel and quarter. Put in food processor and chop until fruit is diced. Remove mango to large bowl. 2.Peel cucumber, cut lengthwise and remove seeds, cut in half. Cut bell pepper into 4 pieces. Peel onion and quarter. Wash cilantro and remove stems. Put cucumber pieces, bell pepper pieces, onion, pieces, cherry tomatoes and cilantro leaves in food processor. Chop until all ingredients are diced. Remove to the large bowl with the mango. 3. Dice the jalapeno pepper. Put in the large bowl with other ingredients. 4. Cut lime in half and squeeze juice over chopped ingredients in the bowl. 5.Season with salt to taste. 6. With a spatula, mix the ingredients to combine. Cover and put in refrigerator for at least one hour to let the flavors develop.