Joanne's Salad Dressing

This is an old fashioned recipe passed down from my great grandmother. It is unorthodox,and difficult to describe until tasted. It is not a true Thousand Island nor Russian dressing. It is creamy, sweet and salty, and everyone always asks for the recipe though they are skeptical at first to trying something very unique. It is best served on a combination of crunchy, hearty greens, such as romaine or iceberg, but works with butter lettuces as well. It can be used to dress a wedge of iceberg, and also as a spread for sandwiches. A family favorite of ours for many years.


Enough for six, with some leftover for sandwich spreads and easily doubled.


1 cup mayonnaise ½ cup chili sauce 2 Tablespoon minced onion ¼ cup minced celery 2 eggs, hard-boiled, chopped fine 1 Tablespoon sugar (or more or less to taste) ½ teaspoon salt (again, more or less to taste

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Prepare eggs by bringing to a boil, once boiling remove from heat and let stand, 15 minutes covered, then drain and allow to cool before chopping. Combine mayonnaise, chili sauce, onion, and celery in a jar or container with lid. Add eggs. Begin adding sugar to taste, keeping in mind that flavor will mellow during refrigeration before serving. Add salt in the same manner and taste before serving to adjust amounts of sugar and salt. After combining all ingredients, cover container with lid and shake vigorously until thoroughly combined. Place in refrigerator, covered for at least ½ hour before serving, and taste again to adjust sugar and salt amounts to taste.