Instant Hollandaise Sauce - 1 cup for blenders

Cuisinart original

Fair warning:  It is almost too easy to make this classic and decadent sauce in the Cuisinart® blender!


Makes 1 cup


½         cup (¼ pound, 1 stick) unsalted butter

4          large egg yolks

¼         teaspoon kosher salt

            Pinch ground mustard

            Pinch freshly ground black pepper

1½       tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (1 tablespoon):

Calories 114 (97% from fat) • carb. 0g • pro. 1g • fat 12g
• sat. fat 7g • chol. 82mg • sod. 35mg • calc. 6mg. • fiber 0g


1.  Put the butter into a saucepan set over low heat until butter is melted and reaches a slight simmer.

2.  While the butter is melting, put the remaining ingredients into the blender jar. About a minute before adding the butter, run the unit on Low for about 30 seconds to combine.

3.  With the blender still running on Low, carefully remove the pour lid from the cover. Very slowly drizzle the hot butter through the opening while using the measuring cup or dishtowel to shield the opening to prevent any splatter. When adding the butter, be careful not to add the white milk solids that will be left on the bottom of the pan. Once all butter has been added, check hollandaise for consistency. Use a long, skinny spatula to stir as some yolk may have accumulated in the well by the blade. If overall consistency is too thick, blend in some hot water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until desired consistency is achieved.

4.  Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

5.  Serve immediately or transfer hollandaise to a double boiler to keep warm for serving.