The Gunner

This is a great sandwich. Enjoy.




• Sourdough Bread,
• Sliced Avocado
• Fresh Tomato sliced
• 1 or 2 Cheese Slices
• 1 egg

Nutritional information

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1. Butter the outside of two bread slices
2. Place one slice butter side down on cooking surface and layer all ingredients but the egg. ( I put one slice of bread on bottom and one on top!)
3. Cover with second slice of bread butter side up. Grill.
4. While While sandwich is toasting to golden brown, fry egg to over easy.
5. When sandwich is toasted to your preference, remove and lift off top slice of bread. Place over easy egg on top, replace bread, and poke through to break yolk.
6. I generally let sit for 1 minute before eating to pour a cup of coffee and let the yolk settle in to the sandwich.