Tangy turkey rachel

we like the coleslaw cool against the heated/ grilled ingredients. slice in half on a diag and enjoy!




• 4 slices thick sliced dense bread
• creamy style coleslaw
• thousand island dressing
• swiss cheese slices
• hot sauce
• sliced smoked turkey breast

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. mix a couple dashes of hot sauce with some the thousand island dressing
2. place bread slices out on a cutting board
3. spread with dressing mixture
4. place cheese slice on two slices followed by sliced turkey
5. place other slices of bread dressing side down on top of turkey
6. spread butter on top then place on griddle butter side down
7. butter top slice while bottom cooks
8. flip when golden brown on bottom
9. continue still warmed through and cheese is melted
10. remove from griddle open sandwich and add coleslaw. return top slice.