So Gouda Spicy Turkey Provolone Panini Sandwich

Submitted by I'D rather not provide
Submitted by I'D rather not provide
A panini sandwich with a unique taste. The ingredients and layering provide a crisp, smooth, and creamy initial flavor which transcends to a tangy finish. The taste is different, but satisfying. I'm not certain it is my favorite sandwich; however, I do keep coming back for more!


Two - very sharable


Boar's Head turkey (4 slices), Gouda (4 slices), and Provolone (4 slices)cheeses, Barilla pesto sauce, one avocado, tomato slices, Apetina Feta (with spices), red pepper slices , and two slices of sourdough bread.

Nutritional information

I enjoy this sandwich so much, I don't want to know!


Place a slice each of the Gouda and Provolone cheeses on a slice of the sourdough bread after spreading a thin layer of pesto on the bread. Place two slices of turkey on top of the cheese. Place another slice of Gouda and another slice of Provolone over the turkey. Place the tomato slice on top of the second cheese layer. Slice the avocado in half; hollow one of the halves until it fits over the tomato slice. crumble a cube or two of the Apetina Feta over the tomato and cover with the avocado half. Press down lightly, then layer another slice of Provolone and Gouda on top of the avocado. Top the cheeses with the last two slices of turkey and then top with the last two slices of cheese. Place a slice of red pepper on top of the cheese. Place another light layer of pesto on the second sourdough slice and place the bread on top of the sandwich. Press for 3 to 4 minutes. Cut sandwich in half and serve with the unused avocado half and another tomato slice.