Scrumptious Gruyere & Truffle Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese goes gourmet!




• Gruyere cheese
• Truffle oil
• Bacon
• Your favorite grilled cheese bread
• Salt
• Pepper

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Cut cold gruyere to thin to medium-thin slices, enough to cover one piece of bread for each serving.
2. Leave gruyere to come to room temperature.
3. Cook bacon to desired crispness & pat off extra grease, enough to cover one slice of bread for each serving. *Broiling recommended.
4. While bacon cooks, lightly drizzle truffle oil on the outsides of your chosen bread slices, two slices per serving.
5. Warm cooking pan to medium heat. *Grill pan recommended.
6. Cover inside of one slice of truffled bread with room temperature gruyere slices, one slice for each serving.
7. Cover inside of second bread slice with crispy bacon, one slice for each serving.
8. Place covered bread slices open face, truffled-side down, onto hot cooking pan. Grill until cooking sides are light golden brown and gruyere is warm & soft. *The bread will toast quickly; covering the pan helps to warm the gruyere.
9. Season the open sides with salt & pepper to taste.
10. Combine open sides into amazing sandwiches, serve, eat and enjoy the compliments!