Rustic Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese is a simple, timeless sandwich beloved by young and old alike. While it's hard to improve on a classic, a few small touches can take something great and make it extraordinary. Choosing good ingredients is crucial for a simple recipe like this. I like to find hearty sourdough bread, sweet, crisp apples, and premium imported cheeses for mine. Add some local honey, deli-style mustard, and dried basil too really amplify the flavors of this melty, mouth-watering sandwich. The sweetness of the apples, havarti, and honey pairs perfectly with the savory mustard and cheddar. This is worlds above the American cheese on white bread combo we all had as kids.




• 4 slices thick-cut sourdough bread
• 4 slices havarti cheese
• 1 medium apple (I prefer Fuji), thinly sliced
• ½ cup shredded white cheddar cheese
• 2 TSP butter
• 1 TSP brown mustard
• ½ teaspoon honey
• ¼ teaspoon dried basil

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1. Preheat griddle to medium-low, lightly butter
2. Spread butter on both sides of each slice of bread
3. Lightly toast bread on griddle for 1 minute per side
4. Layer 2 slices havarti, half sliced apple, and ¼ cup cheddar on 2 slices of bread
5. Drizzle honey and sprinkle basil over each sandwich
6. Spread mustard thinly over remaining slices of bread, place on sandwiches
7. Add remaining butter to the griddle, heat sandwiches for two minutes per side until cheese begins to melt