Italian grilled cheese

This is a simple sandwich, very easy to make, no exotic ingredients nor affront to the senses. It is comfort food that includes the true, un-embellished taste of the individual artistry that goes into making each of its separate ingredients, which (though phenomenal when eaten separately) when eaten together in this version of a "grilled cheese" sandwich are heavenly. There is no special artistry nor culinary magic in assembling this, and it may not win any contest, but it just embodies the love that goes with providing a scrumptious and well-balanced lunch for my family, with respect for the culinary expertise and secrets of our Italian ancestors. We are just grateful recipients of their legacy. Even if this sandwich is never considered for this contest, I want to share it with you. You MUST try it for lunch. Enjoy.




• Thin sliced prociutto
• sweet roasted red peppers
• Vermont's Cabot mild cheddar cheese
• thin sliced sweet sopressata
• crusty sliced Central NY's Heidelberg's French Peasant bread

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Very lightly spread unsalted butter on outside of two slices of bread
2. Fill the ingredients between the two un-buttered sides of bread
3. Grill a couple of minutes in preheated George Forman grill