Heavenly Chicken Melt





• Deli-swirl rye bread (thick sliced)
• Koops spicy mustard/Hellmans mayo
• sliced vidalia onions
• BoarsHead picante cheese + white american
• BoarsHead sliced Ever-Roast chicken
• Thick sliced apple-wood bacon(pre-cooked)
• Tomato/lettuce optional

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Heat non-stick pan/med
2. butter one side of bread (both slices) lay on dish butter side down
3. Spread thin layer of mustard/mayo on both slices
4. add 1 slice of american/1 slice of picante on each slice
5. add thin slices of sweet onion/everroast chicken/cooked bacon
6. take spatula lift sandwich in pan and cover with dome lid
7. toast both sides till golden brown (about 7 minutes)
8. salt/pepper optional