Grilled Cheese Mayo Secret

The mayo is what makes the difference from conventional grilled cheese. It adds a crunchy crust finish that complements all of the rest. Of course, this sandwich is best when served with tomato soup or bisque. Finally, as an alternative to using salt, try topping the cheese with three crispy slices of bacon previously lightly browned on the flat side grill.




• Two slices white bread
• Three slices sharp cheddar cheese
• ½ Tablespoon butter
• ½ Tablespoon mayonnaise
• Seasoned salt
• Two slices of beefsteak tomato

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Butter the inside faces of the bread, spread mayo on the outsides.
2. Put the cheese on the buttered side of the bread, top with tomatoes and sprinkle with salt
3. Assemble the sandwich and grill it until both sides are toasted.