Fresh Cheese and Veggie Sandwich

This is a sandwich that I enjoyed regularly in Chile. It's delicious, with just the right mix of fresh, tangy, spicy and creamy.




• High Quality Whole Grain Sandwich Bread
• Hellman's Mayonnaise
• Queso Fresco (Quesillo/Farmer's Cheese)
• Fresh Tomato
• Aji (Lightly spicy pepper like hatch, fresh)
• Sprouts
• Cucumber

Nutritional information

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1. Toast the bread until crisp but not too dark.
2. Slather it with a generous amount of mayo.
3. Add a ¼ inch slice of fresh cheese that covers the whole slice of bread.
4. Lightly salt the cheese (optional)
5. Layer each of the veggies on top of the cheese and place the top slice of bread.
6. Press down lightly and slice diagonally if desired. Enjoy!