Egg Delish

I use whole wheat for nutrition value. Use whatever amount of mayonnaise suits you but mustard should be light use on one side of bread only. Egg can be hard if that is your desire but semi-soft gives it a nice bite to the mouth. ensure it does not get over grilled.




• one egg
• 2 pcs whole wheat toast (or choice bread)
• mayonaise
• spicy brown mustard
• 2 tomato slices & 2 spinach leaves
• salt &, pepper
• Olive oil pam sprat

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Place mayonnaise in both slices of bread
2. Place little bit of mustard on top of mayonnaise on slice you will place egg
3. Cook egg in Pam spray leaving yolk semisoft.
4. Place egg on bread slice that has mayo n mustard. add salt n pepper
5. Add tomato/spinach on top of egg
6. Place second slice of bread on top.
7. PLace on Griddler!