Easy Grilled Easter Ham and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

Makes two sandwiches cheese surrounding the ham. melts very nicely, can use any type bread. the above or plain rye or sour dough bread. Besides pickles and deviled eggs, side dish of potato salad. This is my way of using up ham, left over easter deviled eggs and potato salad.




• Pumpernickle & Rye Bread 4 slices
• Thin sliced ham apps 6-8 slices
• 4 slices Cheddar Cheese
• Honey Mustard

Nutritional information

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1. Lightly coat 2 bread slices with honey mustard Place 1 slice cheese on each bread
2. Place ham slices on top of cheese & place another slice of cheese on the ham
3. spread honey mustard on each of second bread slice cover making a sandwich-slightly grease grill on both sides., serve with pickles or deviled egg