Chicken and Waffle sandwich

Several things can be modified to taste. Waffles can be store bought or homemade, cooked chicken meat bits can be incorporated to the homemade waffle mix as well The chicken can be cooked to user preference, be it cooked on the griddler or via sous vide then fried etc. Left over chicken from a previous meal is best. The inspiration for this sandwich was out of necessity. One day I found myself coming home from work and all I had in the freezer was some waffles and some left-over chicken in the fridge. I figured what the heck, and used a grilled cheese maker I had (this was before I had the pleasure of working with a griddler deluxe) The sauce was a mixture of ketchup and maple syrup, not knowing how it would taste it was first used as a dipping sauce for the sandwich. Later versions it has been incorporated into the sandwich.




• Belgian waffles (toaster ready, can be freshly made as well)
• Cooked Chicken breast, can be breaded or not. Can be cooked to preference via sous vide or oven baked or cooked on griddler
• Maple syrup ketchup sauce- Ketchup mixed with Maple syrup to taste
• Cheese if wanted

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Take two Belgian waffles, thawed or toasted, if thawed you can toast with griddler
2. Pre-heat Griddler to 400F
3. Assemble sandwich: put prepared to preference cooked chicken between the two waffles, spread sauce on the side of the waffle(s) that will be in contact with the chicken
4. Place cheese if wanted
5. Cook sandwich to preference of doneness