Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwich that waters your mouth




Two slices of split top butter bread
Light Olive oil Mayo
American deli sliced cheese #3
Real stick butter
Ground sausage or thick cut bacon

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Butter two slices of bread and set aside facing one another adding a light coat of mayo on the side facing up
2. In a pan, fry an egg letting it cook on medium heat for 50 second, pop yolk and flip for another 50 seconds which will leave yolk moist
3. Flatten out a 4 inch patty of sausage and cook or bacon
4. Put the bread in the pan butter side down, put the egg on the Mayo side, top with patty, bacon or sausage and last American cheese and put the other slice of bread butter up on top and flip after 2 minutes on medium heat for another two minutes
5. Enjoy the best breakfast sandwich in the world