Bestt sandwich with CHeese and an ave

The ultimate yummy sandwich. Build this same sandwich and toast the toast it in the Griddler.




• Bacon (Maple)
• Egg
• Spinach
• Tomato
• Toast (Sour dough bread)
• Avacado
• Hellmann's mayo
• Cheese optional

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Broil Bacon five pieces
2. Fry an egg broken and fried both sides. No runny eggs in this sandwich
3. Toast the Toast
4. Mayo on both slices
5. Build sandwich with Bacon, egg, cheese, spinach, and tomato.
6. Cut an Avacado in half and remove the seed.
7. Salt the ave with Flower of the Ocean sea salt
8. Have a napkin ready.
9. Enjoy
10. Repeat