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The "Cook & Shoot" Recipe Photo Contest

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How it Works
Over the years Cuisinart has received 1000s of recipes that have been submitted by dedicated consumers who love to cook. Unfortunately many of these recipes were submitted without a photo to display them in all their glory.

So to provide our customers with a complete recipe database detailing each meal right down to its finishing photo we are conducting The "Cook & Shoot" Recipe Photo Contest where you make one of the meals in our recipe database (that does not have a photo), take a digital picture of the finished recipe and simply upload it through to the contest database.

By participating you will be entered into a random drawing to win a hot, new Cuisinart product. The best part is you can enter to win as many times as you like. A new winner will be announced every 2 months. Read the Cuisinart Contest Entry Rules

To upload your digital photos follow these steps:

  • Find the Recipe you want to make and shoot in the Recipe section of this site.
  • If the recipe you chose doesn't have a photo, click on "Enter Photo Contest".
  • Log in and upload your photo.
  • Your caption and username will be shown on the recipe page once the photo is approved.

Good luck!

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