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Found 9 recipes for: tea-100

“Relax” Tea
Type: Beverages
De-stress and relax with this chamomile herbal blend.
Throat Soother
Type: Beverages
Just add honey and you have instant relief for a sore throat. But don't limit yourself to when you are under the weather - this tea is soothing anytime.
Vitamin C Tea
Type: Beverages
Perfect for that extra antioxidant boost.
“Sweet” White Tea
Type: Beverages
This white tea blend uses dried blueberries and vanilla to give it a hint of natural sweetness.
Apple-Cinnamon Tea
Type: Beverages
The perfect tea to warm up with in the fall months.
Bubble Tea
Type: Beverages
An Asian treat, the bubbles (large pearl tapioca) are an acquired taste, but they are what really make this delicious tea special. A lot of these steps can be done the day before so that they can chill/soak overnight.
Iced Tea
Type: Beverages
Double brewing tea makes for a delicious iced tea. Serve immediately over ice or chill in the refrigerator. The recipe below calls for black tea, but any tea can be iced. Teas and tastes vary - so feel free to experiment with the amount of tea to use to find your favorite strength. Doubling works well for black tea, but go a little less for green.
Lavender-Green Tea
Type: Beverages
This tea is equally delicious hot or iced. It can be turned into a refreshing sorbet as well.