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Simple Syrup (Version 1 – heavy) ( match)
Type: Beverages

Simple syrups are the base of most of the flavored syrups. We have created two versions; this one is a true simple syrup, meaning that it is equal parts sugar to water, while the second is a bit less concentrated. They take little time to prepare, and are good to have on hand to sweeten cold beverages such as iced coffee and tea. This version is perfect for mixing into cocktails, for it cuts the bite of the alcohol a bit better than the lighter version.

Simple Syrup (Version 2 – light) ( match)
Type: Beverages
This is a lighter version of our simple syrup. It's a bit less concentrated and has the perfect amount of sweetness for regular sodas.
Ginger Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
Use this syrup to make your own ginger ale. This is also a key ingredient to a lot of popular cocktails, such as the Dark n' Stormy.
Lemongrass Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
Lemon grass can be found in many larger supermarkets, or specialty stores. It is in the produce section and is a long, brittle stalk (look for green stalks, not ones that are brown and peeling at the ends, for that means that they are past their prime). If you cannot locate it in the produce section, try looking in the frozen food aisles (and if you are lucky, it's already chopped!). Peel away the outer leaf and use the inner, fresher stalk.
Cucumber-Mint-Basil Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
This syrup screams summer, not only because these fresh herbs are abundant then, but it is very refreshing when stirred into a glass of soda water.
Honey-Lavender Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
Herbal and sweet - this syrup does not use the standard simple syrup, rather the combination of honey and sugar tames the floral lavender.
Mint Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
In addition to being perfect for a refreshing mint soda, a bit of this syrup in a glass of iced tea or lemonade makes a wonderful summer drink.
Winter Spice Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
A delicious mixture of all of the favorite winter spices.
Vanilla Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
Adding the vanilla syrup to a glass of soda water is reminiscent of a light cream soda. Throw in a shot of rum or vodka and then pour over ice.
Strawberry Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
Your kids will love this tasty syrup and its beautiful color. If you have other berries, such as raspberries or blackberries, use those in place of the strawberries for your own twist.
Lemon-Lime Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
A favorite among many, this syrup has the perfect amount of bitter and sweet to it.
Mandarin Syrup ( match)
Type: Beverages
If you cannot locate Mandarins, you can substitute oranges.
Dark ’n Stormy® ( match)
Type: Beverages
Take the extra effort and have the best ingredients on hand to make this classic cocktail. We suggest sticking to the authentic Gosling's rum.
Herbal Cooler ( match)
Type: Beverages
With a squeeze of lime, this is the perfect drink to have on hand on a summer's night.
Citrus Margarita ( match)
Type: Beverages
A delicious play on the classic Margarita - the mandarin syrup and orange juice add just the right amount of sweetness.
New York–Style Egg Cream ( match)
Type: Beverages
Having the coldest milk and soda water possible is key to the makings of a classic egg cream.
Strawberry-Lime Rickey ( match)
Type: Beverages
Make your kids feel extra special with a glass of this at your next dinner.