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Found 51 recipes for: msc-600

Spinach & Gruyère Breakfast Strata ( match)
Type: Breakfast

This is a delicious dish to have at a brunch for a crowd. The flavors are rich and it
takes only a few steps to complete.


Maple Cinnamon Oatmeal ( match)
Type: Breakfast

What a delightful aroma to wake up to in the morning! Prepare your oatmeal the night before so it will be ready for your family to start the day right.*

Sausage Bites in Mustard Wine Sauce (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Appetizers
Preparing this dish is a breeze, and it will be a hit every time – it is in the Test Kitchen! Pair this with a nice crusty bread and a favorite bottle of wine. Your guests will love you. The amounts listed are for the MSC-600 (6 quart unit). If you are preparing this for the MSC-400 (4 quart unit), just halve the recipe ingredients. The instructions are identical as listed below.
Pork Dumplings ( match)
Type: Appetizers
The great thing about steaming is that the food is ready in no time. In just 30 minutes, you can have homemade pork dumplings.
Turkey Swedish Meatballs ( match)
Type: Appetizers
What was old is new and popular again, and that is true with this classic dish. These are sure to please everyone, Swedes and non-Swedes alike.

Rich Veggie Stock (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Soups

This stock makes a delicious base for all soups and sauces.

Easy Chicken Stock (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Soups

A kitchen staple. Use this in any of our recipes that call for stock.

Beef Stock (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Soups

There is nothing more wholesome or
economical than preparing your own
homemade stocks.


Shrimp Stock ( match)
Type: Soups

An easy-to-make stock – an essential
ingredient of a great gumbo.


Garden Vegetable Sauce ( match)
Type: Sauces and Dressings

This sauce can be served chunky, or you
can use a blender to make it smooth.

Bolognese ( match)
Type: Sauces and Dressings

This Italian sauce is a classic. The longer it can simmer in the multicooker the better the flavors will be. It freezes beautifully, so it can be enjoyed again.

Rustic Tomato Soup ( match)
Type: Soups

Sautéing the vegetables gives the soup
a rich, sweet flavor.

Chicken Noodle Soup ( match)
Type: Soups

This soothing soup is chock full of good-for-you chicken and veggies.

Mushroom Barley Soup (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Soups

A bowl of this deeply satisfying soup plus
a slice of crusty French bread makes the
perfect winter meal.

Beef Stew ( match)
Type: Entrees

This beef stew is one of the simplest you will ever find. Just combine the ingredients and cook slowly. 

Super Chili (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Entrees

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of chili  powder in the recipe; most store-bought varieties lean on the side of mild. However, spice lovers can turn up the heat by just increasing the cayenne or stirring in
some puréed chipotle chiles.

Shrimp & Chorizo Gumbo ( match)
Type: Soups
Not exactly a purist’s version of gumbo, but a delicious one just the same!
Moroccan Lamb Stew ( match)
Type: Entrees

The North African spices complement
this stew nicely.

Caldo Verde ( match)
Type: Soups

This satisfying soup of Portuguese origin is perfect on a cold winter evening.

Lemon Chicken with Rosemary (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Entrees

By the end of the cooking time, the chicken in this dish falls apart, making a light and lemony dish that will soon be a favorite.

Fresh Herb Chicken with Root Vegetables ( match)
Type: Entrees

A delicious all-in-one-pot meal.

Chicken with Hot and Sweet Peppers ( match)
Type: Entrees

The combination of hot and sweet peppers with olives makes this delicious chicken dish burst with flavor.

Green Chile Tamales (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Entrees

Although this meal involves multiple steps, the final results are well worth the effort. Note that the recipe makes 24 tamales,
but only 12 can be steamed in the final step at a time. Either steam them in two batches, or refrigerate or freeze the second half.

Guinness Braised Short Ribs ( match)
Type: Entrees

A perfect, comforting dish for a cold winter evening.

Osso Buco ( match)
Type: Entrees
This Italian comfort food is beautiful served over polenta, pasta or potatoes.
Asian Style Poached Salmon ( match)
Type: Entrees

Poached salmon is perfect served on its own or over a bed of mixed greens.

Pot Roast (For MSC-600) ( match)
Type: Entrees

This is the perfect cut of meat for
slow cooking.

Primavera Shrimp Sauté ( match)
Type: Entrees

A colorful and light dish that takes very little time to prepare.

Paella (for the MSC-600) ( match)
Type: Entrees

This version of the traditional Spanish dish is sure to please any crowd.

Corned Beef with Vegetables (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Entrees

Takes a couple of days – well worth the wait.

Brisket of Beef ( match)
Type: Entrees

Also delicious with bottom round or chuck.

Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Entrees

A light and healthy dish. Serve over rice.

Braised Fennel ( match)
Type: Sides

Braising is one of the most rewarding preparations for fennel. It sweetens the vegetables and brings out the rich licorice tones.

Broccoli Rabe with Sausage (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Sides

This dish takes a few steps to complete. The broccoli rabe is first steamed – this improves the overall texture of the finished dish, making it nice and tender.

Garlic-Rosemary Beans ( match)
Type: Sides

These are delicious served alongside lamb chops. You can also purée them in a food processor to make a white bean dip to serve with a crudités platter.*

Macaroni & Cheese (for Multicookers) ( match)
Type: Pasta

We upped the creaminess factor in our version of everyone’s favorite comfort food. The béchamel is the centerpiece of the ultimate macaroni and cheese.

Sautéed Red Potatoes ( match)
Type: Sides

A quick and flavorful way to enjoy
red potatoes. Be patient with flipping
the potatoes – they brown best if they are
not crowded and are left to sit in the hot cooking pot before turning.

Steamed Artichokes (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Sides

Trimming the bottoms of the artichokes ensures that they stand up straight, so do not skip that step. Also, in addition to adding flavor, the lemon slices prevent the artichokes from turning brown during cooking. Enjoy plain or dip in a nice lemon oil.

Applesauce ( match)
Type: Desserts

When fall comes around, nothing is better than the aroma of applesauce cooking in the home. Our recipe is quite versatile; you can leave it as a chunky sauce or purée it for the more common smooth version.

Apple Butter ( match)
Type: Sauces and Dressings

Cooking the applesauce down with
some sugar and spices makes
delicious apple butter.

Cannoli Cheesecake ( match)
Type: Desserts

We make many cheesecakes in the Test Kitchen, and one of our favorite methods (which happens to be the easiest and most foolproof) is slow cooked. To offer the palate some new, fun flavors, we made a cheesecake that is nice and creamy with the flavor of cannoli filling.

Dense Chocolate Cake ( match)
Type: Desserts

This is our version of the still-popular
flourless chocolate cake. Best of all you don’t need to turn on the oven!

Traditional Rice Pudding (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Desserts

What better ending to a meal than a cup of rice pudding? The great thing about this dessert is that it can be served warm out of the cooking pot or chilled. Chilled rice pudding does set up and has a different consistency than when served warm. If not serving immediately, stir some
extra milk or water into the rice pudding to make it creamier.

New York-Style Cheesecake ( match)
Type: Desserts

There are countless variations for this basic recipe. You can reserve ¼ of the batter and stir in cocoa powder (then add it back into the rest) to make a chocolate swirl. Once it is cooked you can top it with fresh fruit or fruit preserves, or you can drizzle with chocolate or serve with a raspberry sauce. The options are endless for making this cheesecake your own.

Dulce de Leche ( match)
Type: Desserts

Although this is readily available in most supermarkets, it is quite simple to make your own. The longer you cook it, the richer and
more concentrated the caramel flavor gets.

Dulce de Leche Bread Pudding ( match)
Type: Desserts

This dessert is definitely for the sweet tooth. While you can purchase dulce de leche from most grocery stores, we found that homemade is the way to go when it is the center of your dish.

Spinach Dal (for MSC) ( match)
Type: Soups

A traditional Indian dish based on lentils. Each version is different, depending on ingredients and spices used. This one adds spinach at the end for some color and extra nutrients.

Brown Rice Risotto ( match)
Type: Sides

This colorful side dish works well with most main dishes. Any vegetable or herb can easily be substituted for a variation.

Fruit Crisp (for the Multicooker) ( match)
Type: Desserts

No need to turn on your oven to enjoy the taste of homemade pie.

Lightened Rice Pudding ( match)
Type: Desserts

The great thing about this dessert is that it can be served warm out of the cooking pot or chilled. Chilled rice pudding does set up and has a different consistency than when served warm. If not serving immediately, stir some extra coconut milk or water into the rice pudding to make it creamier.

Blueberry Jam ( match)
Type: Sauces and Dressings

Make use of late summer blueberries in
this quick and easy jam.