Spaghetti & Olives

Tomato & olive sauce made in olive oil topped with Parmesan Cheese




2 lb box long spaghetti 2 28oz can plum tomatoes 4 cans pitted large olives Handful fresh chopped parsley 3 cloves chopped garlic Parmesan cheese ½ c. olive oil

Nutritional information

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Chop parsley & garlic finely; add to olive oil and brown. Crush tomatoes with hand and add to mixture. Reserve tomato juice in cans. Slice olives and also add to pot. Cook at a low simmer for 1 hr. or until olives get soft, you may need to add some reserved tomato juice. In the meantime, cook pasta. When olive mixture is done take handfuls of pasta and put in serving bowl and sprinkle w/parmesan cheese, then coat w/ olive mixture keep doing this process until all spaghetti is covered.