Scampi Salad

Light and still quick and easy summer dining.




1 pound of deveined, peeled shrimp 2 spaghetti squash 1 sliced Lemon 2 Laughing Cow Cheese varieties 1 bunch of Arugula ⅛ red onion chopped finely 1 finely chopped garlic clove 1 Parsley bunch Dash of Sea Salt Dash of black pepper

Nutritional information



Begin with squash and cut in half, scoop out the seeds & middle. Place face down in pan with enough water to cover the bottom. Microwave for 5 minutes on 60 percent, let set for 5 minutes and microwave again for 5 minutes on 60 percent. Set aside. Place a swirl of olive oil in skillet, place garlic, half red onion, garlic clove in skillet on medium heat for about two minutes. Salt and Pepper, squeeze a bit of lemon over shrimp and add to skillet. Cook shrimp for about five minutes. Remove from heat. Take squash and shred the inside with a fork to get the noodles. Place in serving dish, top with arugula, shrimp and use Laughing Cow cheese wedges on the side or grated on top. Lemon zest over the top and lemon slices on the side.