Pasta Shells Italiano!

Italian Shells! The perfect blend of spicy, sweet and cheesy. Great for potlucks, will feed a crowd of hungry men. Or perfect to impress a significant other.




2 lbs sea shell noodles 2 jars Prego pasta sauce (Spicy Sausage) 1 lb roll Jimmy Dean Italian Sausage ¼ cup chopped mushrooms ½ green bell pepper (diced) ½ red bell pepper (diced) ¼ cup green onions (diced) 1 12oz can black olives (whole) 1 12oz can stewed tomatoes (Italian style) 2 15oz containers Ricotta cheese. 1 8oz block farmers cheese

Nutritional information

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First, chop the peppers, green onions and mushrooms. Boil noodles until they are Al Dente. Fry sausage until almost fully cooked then add the peppers. Let peppers cook until nearly done, then add mushrooms and green onions. Add tomatoes, olives and pasta sauce. Let the mixture simmer on low for 8 minutes. While sauce simmers stuff your shells with the ricotta cheese. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Once you have your shells stuffed, put the stuffed shells in a 9/12 baking dish and pour sauce over noodles. Garnish with farmers cheese. Bake covered for 20 mins. Enjoy!!