Orzo Salad with Feta, Dried Cranberries, Kalamata Olives and Dried Cranberris

A great summer side salad or main meal. Saltiness of olives combined with dried cranberries is heavenly.




• Orzo, uncooked ½ cup • Red bell pepper, chopped, ¼ cup • Large tomato, chopped • Half of a red onion, chopped • Feta cheese, crumbed , ⅓rd cup • Kalamata olives, chopped, ¼ cup • Fresh parsley, chopped, 2 tablespoons • Dried cranberries, ¼ cup • Walnuts, chopped, ¼ cup Dressing • White balsamic vinegar, 2 tablespoons • Olive oil, 1 tablespoon • Garlic clove, crushed • Salt and black pepper to taste

Nutritional information

low cal


Cook the pasta in boiling water, according to instructions. Drain.
Combine orzo with other ingredients, and toss with dressing.
Serve at room temperature. Serves 4 as side dish.