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Mom's Private Spaghetti Sauce

This is one of my favorite things that my mom made (and still makes). When I got my first apartment in 1976, she sent me a recipe book and included her "secret" spaghetti sauce recipe. I always imagined that this took hours of work... was I surprised to see that it all came from cans and it was the cooking of it that took so long. It creates a thick sweet sauce and was a favorite family meal.


2 cans tomato sauce 2 cans tomato paste 1 can tomato puree 1 onion chopped fine 2 T olive oil 1 lb lean ground round 2-3 T sugar (to taste) salt, pepper garlic clove, minced

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(In a large stockpot),Brown onions and garlic slowly in olive oil. Add meat balls and brown on outside, slowly. Add sauce,paste, puree and sugar and simmer for 3 hours. Cook 1 lb of macaroni or spaghetti according to directions. Makes 4 large helpings.