Macaroni Marine

My son a Marine @ Camp Lejuene, loves this & wants me to send the guys this dish.




olive oil ½ pound prosciutto 10 heads baked garlic 10 cans tomates (whole) 10 carrots (rough chop) ½ cup honey (opt.) 5 boxes Barilla (rigatoni's) parmesan reggino cheese Fresh Basil (1 Bunch)

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Heat (on med) a heavy pot with oil. Saute the prosciutto add the garlic (squish in), tomatoes and carrots. Cook for 1-Hour on med/low. Cook gently-do not boil. With a hand held mixer purée to your liking. Cook pasta al dente. Get a few big bowls...and let the party begin. Top the pasta with sauce and grate cheese on top. Using scissors cut the basil up. Garnish pasta with basil then drizzle with olive oil. Note: No need to cook the carrots they will cook in the sauce they add great flavor.