Herbs & Shrimp with Skinny Pasta

Herbs & Shrimp with Skinny Pasta Submitted by tkbd7178
Herbs & Shrimp with Skinny Pasta Submitted by tkbd7178
A light but decadent fresh pasta topped with fresh lemony shrimp




•1 pound and ½ peeled deveined shrimp •½ pound angel hair pasta or thin linguine •Extra virgin olive oil •3-4 lemons •1 and ½ sticks of butter •Parmesan cheese •Flat leaf parsley (minced and chopped finely) •Crushed red pepper flakes •LOTS of salt and pepper •Seafood seasoning (Old Bay is my fave)

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Fill up a big pot with water for the pasta. Cover the pot till it comes up to a boil. Meanwhile, season shrimp with salt, pepper, lemon zest, and a touch of seafood seasoning. Get a large skillet going on med-med high heat. Cover the skillet with olive oil and a couple tablespoon of butter. Salt Pasta water and drop pasta. Once butter is melted in skillet- start putting in shrimp. Do not cook them all at once. If you overcrowd your pan you will lose your heat. Shrimp should be turned after about 3 min. The tails will start turning bright pink. DO NOT OVERCOOK THEM! They will taste like rubber! Continue to cook all shrimp and by the time they are finished it will be time to drain the pasta. Strain pasta through a colander-reserving about a cup of starchy pasta water (this helps thin out the sauce) Throw a stick of butter in the pasta along with a handful or so of parmesan, and about a cup of parsley. Toss together while seasoning with salt, pepper, seafood seasoning, about a teaspoon of red pepper flakes. When serving, place shrimp on top of pasta. Squirt lemon juice on top and garnish with extra parmesan and parsley. You’ll never miss the heavy red meat or red sauce in this recipe! The freshness of the lemon and parsley tossed with the meaty buttery shrimp is a favorite in my house and every house I have prepared it!