Fettucini tomate

Submitted by Kkscuisine:
Submitted by Kkscuisine:


2 servings (120 gms each)


• Homemade fettucini 150 g
• Tomato 50g
• Onions 30g
• Chilli flakes 3g
• Black pepper crushed 3g
• Garlic 5g
• Chicken broth powder 2g
• Italian seasoning 5g
• Salt 3g
• Basil 5g
• Oil 10 ml

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1. Blanch the pasta(al dente) and tomatoes.
2. Add oil and chopped onions and garlic.
3. When translucent add the blanched and chopped tomatoes.
4. Then saute and add chilli flakes, pepper powder,chicken broth powder and salt.
5. Add the blanched pasta,italian seasoning and toss finish with basil.serve