Chicken Giovanni

An amazing dish that mom would make but there was always a day wait. By the next day the flavors were exploding in your mouth.




2 Chicken breasts (cut into pieces or strips) ½ C Flour 2 T Essence 3 T Olive Oil 1lb Pasta of choice Sauce: 2 T Olive Oil 1 stick Butter ⅛ C Scallions 2 cans Mushrooms (sliced) ¼ Roasted Red Peppers ½ White Wine 2 teaspoon Garlic ½ teaspoon Soy sauce 1 T Parsley Pepper to taste

Nutritional information

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Dredge chicken in flour mixture, cook in oil & 2 Tbl butter and keep warm. Cook pasta of choice, melt butter in oil add remaining ingredients pour over pasta and chicken.