Angel Hair with Mussels

Freshly squeezed lemon over angel hair and mussels, on a hot summer nite simply refreshing!




Olive oil-2Tbsp. 4lbs. mussles (washed & debearded) 4 cloves minced garlic 1 red onion 1 jalapeno pepper seeded & sliced 2 cups clam juice 1cup chicken stock ½ cup parsley Fresh lemon pinch of curry powder 1lbs. box Angle hair pasta

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In a heavy pot heat the oil on med-low saute the garlic & red onion. Next add all the rest (except the mussels lemon & parsley). Simmer while pasta is cooking. 5 minutes before pasta is done add the mussels cover & steam until mussels open (approximately 5 minutes) Put the pasta on a nice big plate pour the mussels on top sprinkle with lots of fresh parsley and fresh lemon juice on top.