S'mores Galore

Cuisinart original

Raise the bar on traditional s’mores by adding a variety of marshmallows, assorted chocolate squares, and different graham cracker flavors.


18 s'mores


9 Whole graham crackers, assorted flavors

9 Assorted chocolate squares

9 Assorted marshmallows

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


  1. Light Cuisinart Cleanburn Fire Pit and let flames subside
  2. Use an assortment of graham cracker flavors: regular, honey, and cinnamon
  3. Split graham crackers across middle into squares
  4. Place assorted chocolate squares (dark, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel filled, raspberry filled, mint filled, etc.) in separate containers so flavors don’t mix
  5. Separate marshmallows based on flavor (traditional, vanilla, strawberry, toasted coconut, etc.) in separate containers
  6. Top one graham cracker square with chocolate of choice
  7. Place marshmallow flavor of choice on the tip of a large skewer
  8. Hold marshmallow above flame and turn until marshmallow is brown, toasted, and puffy (if marshmallow is too close to flame and catches fire, blow out flame quickly)
  9. Place marshmallow on top of the chocolate and place another graham cracker square on top of toasted marshmallow
  10. Holding graham cracker firmly, but gently enough not to crack, remove skewer from marshmallow
  11. Let s’more set for a couple minutes prior to eating. This gives chocolate time to melt and marshmallow time to cool
  12. Repeat