Smoked Egg Salad


4 servings


8          eggs

½         cup mayonnaise

¼         cup green onion

1          teaspoon prepared yellow mustard

¼         teaspoon paprika

pinch of kosher salt

pinch of ground black pepper

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


  1. Fill middle bowl portion of water/wood chip tray with your choice of wood chips.
  2. Fill outer ring of tray with water.
  3. Preheat smoker to 225°F
  4. Place 8 raw eggs on shelf in smoker and close door.
  5. Smoke for 2 hours.
  6. Remove eggs from smoker, let cool, peel, and chop.
  7. Place chopped eggs in a medium sized bowl.
  8. Add mayonnaise, mustard, green onions, and stir.
  9. Season with paprika, salt, pepper, and combine
  10. Serve on your choice of bread, roll, or crackers.