Whole Smoked Ribeye Roast

Cuisinart original

Let the smoke and seasoning slowly infuse this whole roasted prime rib roast on our pellet smoker.


8-10 servings


1                            Prime Rib Roast (approximately 5lbs)

1 tablespoon           Vegetable oil

¼ cup                   Cuisinart Mango Chipotle Seasoning

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


  1. Pre-heat Cuisinart pellet grill to 275°F
  2. Trussing the roast allows for more even cooking. Ask your butcher to truss for you
  3. In a large bowl toss chicken wings with Nashville Hot seasoning and vegetable oil
  4. Use your hands to completely coat roast in oil
  5. Coat the outside of roast generously with Cuisinart Mango Chipotle Seasoning, making sure there are no bare spots
  6. Center roast on pellet grill and cook to internal temperature of 135-140°F in thickest part. Using a probe will help monitor proper temperature
  7. Rub will darken with cooking and form an outer crust on the roast
  8. Rest the meat for at least 20 minutes prior to carving. Resting ensures the juices have set and roast won’t be dry.