Frozen Grilled Pineapple Limeade

Cuisinart original

Tropics meet backyard grilling with a refreshing and tart frozen drink. Vibrant citrus colors are punctuated with a slight sweetness and a hint of char from the pineapple. Recipe from the Sizzle & Smoke Backyard BBQ recipe series on the Cuisinart Woodcreek 4-in-1 Pellet Grill with Full Heart Hospitality, featuring Chef Matt Jennings and Mixologist Silas Axtell.


Makes about 4 drinks


  • 6 fluid ounces Lime juice
  • 4 fluid ounces Orange Juice
  • 4 fluid ounces Agave
  • 1 cup Chamomile citrus sun tea
  • 3 - ½” thick circles of charred pineapple

For the sun tea:

  • 3 bags chamomile citrus tea
  • ¼ cup peeled and chopped Ginger
  • 10 stems-worth of picked cilantro leaves
  • 1-quart water

Nutritional information

Makes about 4 drinks


  1. For sun tea, mix all ingredients together in a clear glass container and let sit outside in sunlight for 4-6 hours to extract and intensify the flavor.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.
  3. Prepare the pineapple by peeling and coring it with a pineapple corer. If you do not have a pineapple corer, simply cut the pineapple meat off the core and slice into ½” thick slices.
  4. Cut circles from core and char on the grill over high heat until nice grill marks are achieved. Use two whole circles in the recipe. Cut another into quarters to use as a garnish on your masterpiece.
  5. Ice is best if crushed beforehand. Blend until the whole mixture is smooth.

To present: 

Tools needed: Blender, citrus juicer, measuring cup, 4x10 ounce glasses

  1. Place the glasses in the freezer while preparing the ingredients. Use a citrus press to prepare juice, for best results within a few hours from juicing. Start with all the juice, agave, water, and pineapple chunks in a blender. Pineapple chunks can be prepared ahead of time as well.
  2.  Add 1 cup of ice, place the lid on, and start to blend on high while adding the rest of the ice over time. Once the ideal texture is achieved turn off the blender and serve in a frozen glass. Garnish with a slice of lemon, or orange, or charred pineapple and pineapple leaves.