Korean Barbecue Wings

Cuisinart original

The flavor of Korean barbecue lends itself well as a sauce for chicken wings. We love adding a touch of heat by tossing them with sliced chile peppers just before serving.


Makes about 4 to 6 servings


       Nonstick cooking spray
2    pounds chicken wings (cut into flats and drumettes)
½   teaspoon kosher salt
½   cup soy sauce, reduced sodium
¼   cup mirin
2    tablespoons dark brown sugar
2    tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar
2    tablespoons dark sesame oil
2    scallions (one scallion cut into 1-inch pieces,
      one thinly sliced), divided
1    garlic clove, crushed
1    tablespoon cornstarch
2    teaspoons water
½   teaspoon gochugaru (Korean chile flakes)
1    small chile pepper, thinly sliced

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (based on 6 servings):
Calories 389 (62% from fat) • carb. 7 g • pro. 29 g • fat 27 g • sat. fat 7 g chol. 11 mg • sod. 990 mg • calc. 24 mg • fiber 0 g


1. Place the AirFryer Basket onto the Baking Pan and coat with nonstick
cooking spray.
2. Place the wings, in a single layer, into the AirFry Basket. Sprinkle
evenly with the salt.
3. Place into the oven. Set to AirFry at 400°F and cook the wings until
they are golden and crispy, about 25 minutes.
4. While the wings are cooking, prepare the sauce. Put the soy sauce,
mirin, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, the 1-inch pieces of scallion, and
garlic clove into a small saucepan and place over medium heat.
5. While sauce is heating, mix the cornstarch and water together well to
create a thickened slurry. Once the sauce is boiling, whisk in the
cornstarch mixture. Stir over heat until sauce thickens. Reserve.
6. Once wings are nicely browned, toss with sauce, gochugaru, sliced
scallion and chile pepper. Serve immediately

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