Spritz Butter Cookie

These cookie melt like butter in your mouth with just a hint of vanilla and almond. Makes great cookie gift tray. It is a must every Chrismas for my family! You can also use this all tear round, for parties such as baby, and bridal shower. The cookie guns have several flower, heart designs, just your color.


14 Dozen


2½ cups salted butter, softened 1½ cup sifted powered sugar 5 cups flour 1 teaspoon almond extract 1 teaspoon vanilla extract colored sugar, sprinkles etc. for decorating cookies* melting chocolate * *optional

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Cream butter, gradually add sugar , mix until light and fluffy.
2. Slowly mix in flour, vanilla, and almond extract.
3. Shoot shaped dough onto ungreased cookie sheet as instructed by cookie guns directions. I prefer the cordless cookie shooter! I always use Airbake cookies sheet for this cookie recipe.
4. Decorate cookies with sprinkles, and or colored sugar.
5. On center oven rack. Bake 325* for 13-18 minutes, or when cookie just start to turn light brown. Watch first batches., and check time. Airbake cookie sheets take a little longer.
6. Cool on wire rack. After cookie is cooled , dip cookie into or drizzle cookies with chocolate.