Mom and I used to make these every Christmas, as she and her sister did with my grandmother, as my aunt did with her daughters, and as her daughters still do with their families. Now, although my aunt and grandmother are no longer with us and my mother suffers from dementia, I still make pizzelle with my daughters and remember all the love from the wonderful women who taught me how to make them.


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6 eggs ½ cup Crisco ½ cup margarine 1 tablespoon anise seed 4 cups flour 1¾ cups sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla grated skin of one orange (or 1 tablespoon orange peel)

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Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. Melt Crisco and margarine together and add a little at a time to eggs and sugar. Add anise seeds, vanilla and orange peel. Gradually add flour. Preheat the pizzelle iron & grease just before using. Cook 30-40 seconds.