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Notes from Jean at Delightful Repast

Our three winter finalists are an elegant Apple Apricot and Date Stuffed Pork Loin Roast, Healthy Mexican Turkey Meatballs over Easy Guacamole and Jiffy Brownies.

The Apple Apricot and Date Stuffed Pork Loin Roast makes a festive change from one’s usual pork loin roast. Pork has a natural affinity for apples and other fruits, and the sweetness of the finely diced dried apricots and dates was nicely balanced by the celery and tart apple. This roast is definitely dinner party worthy.

Without the bread crumbs and egg usually found in a meatball recipe, The Healthy Mexican Turkey Meatballs over Easy Guacamole is one that those who are gluten-free or allergic to eggs can make without the hassle of figuring out substitutions. Due to the brief cooking time, we chose to pre-cook the chopped bell pepper and onion, and it was a good call. The fresh flavor of the lightly seasoned guacamole was a refreshing contrast to the spicy meatballs.  

The Jiffy Brownies are a take on the mid-century Eagle Brand Magic Cookie Bars and, like all the bars’ permutations, are incredibly sweet. One taster suggested the bars are more candy than cookie. We would suggest cutting the 8x8-inch batch into 25 squares.

Of the three very different winter entries, our winner is the Healthy Mexican Turkey Meatballs over Easy Guacamole. For a main dish, larger and fewer meatballs would be fine, too. But we made 1-inch meatballs as directed and the recipe made 36. Tasters couldn’t help thinking they’d make a great party appetizer along with the guacamole! 

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winner. We cannot wait to see what you cook up next time!


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