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Summer Recipe Contest Results

Notes from the Cuisinart Chefs

We had a lot of fun testing this month’s finalists’ recipes from the Get Cooking Contest. Each was very unique, filled with ethnic flavors and ingredients. Our favorite was the Creole Bread Pudding . It was perfectly sweet, yet savory, the way a bread pudding should be. Plus, the recipe included a warm, caramel-like sauce that elevated the flavors even more. We’re glad this contestant had us bake the pudding in five different pans, even though they could be baked in 2, 13” x 9” pans because we easily could have eaten the whole thing! It was hard enough to save the sauce for the finished dessert.

In addition to the great taste, we also loved how easy this dessert was to make. Our electric knife made cutting the French bread a breeze, and our hand mixer effortlessly creamed the butter and sugar, as well as blended the rest of the ingredients. The mix was smooth and silky, hard to resist not dipping our finger into for a taste. The bread pudding cooked perfectly in about an hour, like the recipe specified. (Allow more time if you use just 2 pans.) We recommend letting the pudding cool a bit before digging in to fully let the flavors come together.

Before topping with sauce, consider wrapping a pan or two with plastic wrap and storing in the freezer for future use. Already in easy-to-store pans, the pudding freezes well and will keep for up to 1 month. Just heat up next time you have guests over and whip up a new sauce—no one will ever know!

The other two recipes from this month’s contest were also delicious. One was Smothered Okra, Cajun Style and the other was Red Chile Posole . We were curious to see how this contestant would conquer okra’s notorious sliminess, and we were impressed with the results. We were guided to sauté the okra over medium-high heat with salt and vinegar, which worked well in our nonstick pots. While we were tempted to sauté the okra for half the time to retain its pretty color and texture, the more we cooked it, the less slimy it got. The rotel, a canned tomato and chili mixture that can be found in the ethnic aisle of your supermarket, added a nice flavor, as did the shrimp. We especially loved the chopped pickles at the end, which brightened the deep flavors of this dish.

The Red Chile Posole was great, too, perfect for the cold winter months. It took very little time to prep in our mini food processor. Then, our stove did most of the work for us as the stew cooked for a couple of hours. The stars of the dish were the pork and hominy, which cooked in a clove and cumin broth. The chiles and cayenne pepper added depth and a pleasant heat, while the optional chopped jalapeños kicked up the flavors even more. We suggest serving the stew like this contestant pictures with shredded cabbage or sliced radishes.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We cannot wait to see what you cook up next time!

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Contest Results for Winter 2014

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Smoked Salmon Slices (submitted by Easy Peas on 01/05/2015)

Parmesan Asparagus Soup (submitted by Sandiluenber on 01/05/2015)

Grilled Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Hazelnut Bagel (submitted by Sophia on 01/05/2015)
Delicious and easy to prepare

Contest Results for Fall 2014

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Crawfish Pie (submitted by Southern Style Banana Pudding on 08/05/2014)
Enjoy as a main dish or as an appetizer!

New Mexican Bread Pudding (submitted by New Mexican Bread Pudding on 09/10/2014)
A warm bread pudding featuring the flavors of the American Southwest.

Cream fruit pie (submitted by MaggieCBerry on 09/19/2014)

Contest Results for Summer 2014

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Creole Bread Pudding (submitted by Creole Bread Pudding on 06/24/2014)

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Red Chili Posole (submitted by SERG on 06/05/2014)

Smothered Okra Cajun Style (submitted by Sunday side dish on 06/24/2014)
My grandparents would eat their okra over rice with a large spoon of chopped pickles mixed in.

Contest Results for Spring 2014

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Delicious Italian Meatballs (submitted by Joseportiz on 02/19/2014)
30 minute preparation.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Mexican Meatballs (submitted by Sandiluenber on 02/19/2014)

Lemon-Pepper Steak (submitted by Kareng on 02/19/2014)
Prep 10 minutes plus standing and broil 16 minutes.

Contest Results for Winter 2013

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Chicken Mole (submitted by Easy Peas on 01/11/2014)
Delicious Mexican dish.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Chicken-Pork Penne Pastalaya (submitted by Chicky-Porky Penne Pastalaya on 12/09/2013)
Great dish for a family gathering.

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas (submitted by Tammy0913 on 01/25/2014)
Make mealtime delicious with a recipe the whole family is sure to enjoy!

Contest Results for Fall 2013

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings (submitted by Sophia on 08/05/2013)
Prep 50 miniutes

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Orange Pudding Cake (submitted by Clarissa on 08/06/2013)

Quesadilla Salad (submitted by Jummy on 08/06/2013)
Ideal for parties.

Contest Results for Summer 2013

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Chipotle Spiced Turkey Tostadas (submitted by Spicy Curried Peanut Pumpkin Soup on 06/11/2013)
This is a simple and delicious, healthy weeknight meal. Turkey spiced with smokey chipotle really gives the tostadas a wow factor.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Spring Easter Cake (submitted by DANIELA C. on 05/01/2013)

Fresh Summer Spaghetti (submitted by tobyber on 07/26/2013)
This is the perfect fresh pasta for a hot summer day!

Contest Results for Spring 2013

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Three Cheese Tortellini Salad (submitted by cookiequeen on 03/20/2013)
The colors alone will WOW you, but the flavor of this dish is so intense. The true meaning of Comfort Food.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Cherry Butter Crisp (submitted by Nannobear on 03/24/2013)
This buttery crisp just melts in your mouth

Contest Results for Winter 2013

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Ham and Greens Cornbread Dressing (submitted by KB on 12/29/2012)
My cornbread dressing features ham, collard greens, raisins and pecans, and makes a beautiful holiday side dish.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Salmon Burgers (submitted by Salmon Burgers on 11/11/2012)

Salmon burgers - home made with fresh salmon and veggies

Crispy Crunchy Croutons (submitted by Nannobear on 01/17/2013)
Use these on your cream soups, under the cheese in French Onion Soup and of course on salads. However, my kids eat them straight out of the oven like a crunchy, hot buttered bread!

Contest Results for Fall 2012

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Herb Popovers with Buttery Eggs (submitted by Hey Dad, What's This? on 08/22/2012)

This is a beautiful breakfast which is quick to make. Delicious, hearty and elegant.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Palitos De Atun (submitted by Jummy on 08/24/2012)

Duck Curry (submitted by Hey Dad, What's This? on 09/12/2012)

This is a delicious and fast entree that will impress your family and guests. If no duck is available, chicken can be used instead.

Contest Results for Summer 2012

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Cheese Cups with Fresh Tomato Salsa (submitted by plh1234us on 06/03/2012)

This is a fast and easy recipe that will make your guests feel like you spent hours preparing this. It not only looks great but tastes great as well. These are perfect for summer time, or any time and kids love them too!

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Peanut Butter Puffs (submitted by BBQ Rubs on 05/01/2012)

Meyer Lemon Cake (submitted by AmyInCA on 05/28/2012)
I get Meyer Lemons from my In-Law's yard all year round. This time of the year, the Meyer Lemons are especially bountiful. Be sure to get a few from the market to make this cake. Hope you'll like it as much as my family does.

Cod Fillet with Spinach & Cheese Sauce (submitted by plh1234us on 06/19/2012)
This is an easy and quick dinner for your little one. A great way to introduce heart healthy fish. Healthy and delicious!

Contest Results for Spring 2012

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Maple Bacon Popcorn (submitted by KarlB on 04/26/2012)
This is the king of all snacks! Not only an awesome treat but a great conversation starter at any party.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Shrimp & Asparagus w/Brown Rice (submitted by Shrimp & Asparagus on 02/17/2012)
Prep time - about 15 minutes Cook time - about 15 minutes Quick, easy and full of flavor.

Roasted Pepper and Walnut Dip (submitted by Jummy on 02/20/2012)

Contest Results for Winter 2012

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Apple, Bacon & Sweet Potato Hash (submitted by Crystal on 01/27/2012)
A really fresh apple and potato hash that will liven up any meal. Easy to prepare!

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Italian Sausage Brochette Appetizer (submitted by Italian Sausage Brochette Appetizer on 11/26/2011)
Italian Sausage Brochette Appetizer

A Better Bacon & Green Bean Casserole (submitted by Nannobear on 12/09/2011)
This has become our NEW holiday tradition.

Contest Results for Fall 2011

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Sweet & Sour Pastrami (submitted by Laura Starr on 09/15/2011)
This is an easy recipe that is adult and kid friendly. It tastes great served over pasta, rice or even mashed potatoes.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Spinach, Brie and Prosciutto Tart with Pecan Crust (submitted by AmyInCA on 08/02/2011)
I made this Spinach, Brie and Prosciutto Tart with Pecan Crust for a Sunday brunch and it was perfect. Pair it with some salad greens and a glass of mimosa and you'll have a wonderful brunch.

Penne Pasta Salad with Rib Eyes Steak (submitted by A B Chan on 08/16/2011)
Enjoy a hot summer evening along with this Rib Eyes Steak Pasta Salad. Your family will definitely request that you to make this dish again.

Contest Results for Summer 2011

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Baked Fish (submitted by Sophia on 06/06/2011)
Easy, fast and delicious

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

CREAMY CORN PUDDING (submitted by Mar on 06/08/2011)

SPICE - RUBBED BEEF TENDERLOIN (submitted by Jummy on 06/08/2011)
Prep 5 minutes - Grill 30-40 minutes

Contest Results for Spring 2011

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Mocha Tiramisu Cupcakes (submitted by AmyInCA on 02/20/2011)
If you love Tiramisu, you’ve got to try these Mocha Tiramisu Cupcakes. The chocolate cupcake itself is moist, with a lovely mocha flavor and a hint of Kahlua. The espresso-Kahlua syrup really did wonders to the cupcakes. The Mascarpone frosting is light, creamy, smooth and fluffy.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Chili with Meat (submitted by Clarissa on 02/22/2011)
My Grandmother's Recipe

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches (submitted by Sophia on 02/28/2011)
Delicious for all family.

Contest Results for Winter 2011

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Crabmeat & Latke Eggs Benedict (submitted by Iris M. on 01/02/2011)
To me, there's nothing better than a great breakfast. For the home cook, making breakfast at home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality or elegance. You can not only be creative and use elements that aren't traditionally used for breakfast, but you can have fun with the ingredients as well.

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Sweet & Savory Stuffed Dates (submitted by Rhonda Braun, Texas Mom of 2 on 11/22/2010)
Sweet and savory stuffed dates. Sweetness of the moist fresh dates, mixed with the creaminess of the ricotta cheese and the crispy saltiness of the bacon with a touch of maple makes for a fantastic appetizer!

Orange Cream Stuffed French Toast (submitted by AmyInCA on 01/24/2011)
My Grandma used to make these Orange Cream Stuffed French Toasts for me as breakfast before school. Now, I’m a mother of 2 and I make them for my kids all the time to carry on the tradition. These French Toasts are creamy, flavorful and super delicious.

Contest Results for Fall 2010

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Rice Pudding (submitted by Clarissa on 08/26/2010)

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Spicy Peanut Chicken (submitted by Sophia on 08/17/2010)

Grilled Pears with Gorgonzola, Walnuts and Spicy Mustard Vinaigrette (submitted by Jennifer Daskevich on 09/27/2010)
These beautiful pears are a great start to a fall dinner party.

Contest Results for Summer 2010

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Winner

Polenta Fries with Basil Oil and Parmesan Dipping Sauce (submitted by Pantry2Plate on 07/27/2010)
A new twist on the french fry served with fondue power and basil bounty!

Cuisinart Get Cooking Contest Finalists

Sue's Zesty Shrimp Taco's with Mango Avocado Salsa (submitted by Sue Thomas on 05/26/2010)
Preheat grill take wooden skewers place in water to soak so they don't burn mix in sauce pan garlic and EVOO place about five shrimp on skewer brush with garlic and oil cook 1 minute on one side flip and 30 seconds to another minute on other side depending on size of shrimp set aside place tortillas on grill until lightly toasted on both sides cover with salsa and serve

Clouds At Sunrise (submitted by NikkiMac on 07/27/2010)
This amazing dessert is much better the second day. My grandmother has made this for special occasions for years and it never lasts long!

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