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Baby Banana Pudding

Yummy Yummy banana pudding for a quick breakfast for baby and mom (and dad and siblings!) The mixture of roasted and fresh banana's makes for a very rich banana flavor!"


banana 1
yogurt 1 tablespoon
oatmeal or rice 1 serving
sprinkle of cinnamon
more banana!


Roast banana in oven 325 for 25 minutes, banana will turn black, but inside super sweet and very rich banana flavor. Prepare oatmeal(baby or adult) add table spoon of yogurt. When banana is ready let cool for 5 minutes then mash and add to oatmeal mixture. Top with a little cinnamon and more fresh banana chopped up. This recipe works great with rice as well for rice pudding type dessert. For adults I increase the amount of yogurt in the oatmeal! Enjoy!

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