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These Eggensteins are a great treat for adults or kids. Enjoy them for a spooktacular breakfast or as an appetizer for your Halloween party"


8 Hard Boiled Eggs
8 Plum Tomato Slices
8 Toothpicks
8 Pimiento stuffed Olives
8 Whole Peppercorn
Parsley Bunch
16 Whole Cloves


Cut a thin slice from the wide end of the egg so it can stand upright.
Next, slice the egg. Insert the toothpick upright threw the tomato & egg for the spine. Reattach top piece of the egg.
Pipe mayonnaise for fangs on the skin of the tomato. Attach olives for the eyes. Then place a peppercorn for a nose. Attach parsley for hair & stick 1 whole clove on each side of the egg under the tomato slice so it looks like a bolt.
Then eat and enjoy!!

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