Peaches & Grahams

Peaches & Grahams Submitted by Robyn
Peaches & Grahams Submitted by Robyn
This is a quick and easy treat thats not just for the little ones. My little girl is 2 and she likes to help.


3-4 servings per can


Diced peaches canned or by the cup Graham cracker, plain or cinnamon

Nutritional information

129 Calories per serving & rich in vitamin c


Slice up the peaches if they are in a can bite sized for the little ones. If from a cup, it's ready to go. Take 1 whole graham and break them up into bite size pieces too. 1 cup peaches to 1 graham. Put it all in a bowl and mix. Can serve warm or cold; tastes like peach cobbler! Great with a glass of milk!