Indian steam Dhoklas.

Submitted by Veggie Timpano.
Submitted by Veggie Timpano.
This are Inadian steamed cakes light & fluffy with spices. They are eaten for breakfast or appetizers. less calories.


1 cup cream of wheat 2 tbsp plain yogurt 2 tsp ginger & green chillies chopped taste to taste 2 tsp oil 1/4 tsp mixer of baking soda & citric acid used as riser. water to make pancake consistency batter. tray brushed with oil for steaming the cake. 1 tsp oil + 1 tsp Mustard seeds+1 tspoon sesame seeds

Nutritional information

90 calories for 4 square pieces. 0 fat


Take mixing bowl add all ingrediants except baking soda mixmake batter. At the time of steaming add baking soda mix & whisk to make flufffy batter, immedaitely pour ing the oiled tray & steam for 20 minutes covered. Another small pan heat 1 tsp oil when hot add mustard and sesame seeds when crackle pour over the doklas for Garnish. Garnish with shredded coconut & chopped cilantro. Serve with cilantro sauce.